Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chinook cafe

Howdy Y'all. This here is Beaner or some of you know me as Rich or that ugly Boozefighter with the Chop Ex Machina blog. Well I'm here to post up what I and hopefully you think is cool about a place that is next to everyones favorite chopper country Japan but mostly Army soldiers and Air Force Airmen know as the stinky shithole they are stationed at for a year in Korea. It's actually close to biking Nirvana as I've come to anything. great windey two lane roads in mountain valleys, goat paths over mountain passes, long four lane sweepers, crazy traffic and almost total lack in traffic law enforcement for motorcycles. What America used to be like decades past. More info to come later. Below I kick it off with one of my favorite places.

The Korean guy that ownes this built it in a valley we call Test Flight Valley about 10 miles south of Camp Humphreys in Pyongtaek between hwy 45 S and 39 S. In this valley there are quite a few hot spring spas but this is where we go for a good stop to drink coffee or a beer or 5 at night. Inside is a stage for a band but few and far between is there a live band.
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