Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Bar in Korea

Bars in Korea can get pretty damn expensive to drink in. The cheapest and best drinking I've come to know in this country is sitting outside of any convinence store. Family Mart, 7-11, GS 25's doesn't matter. When you run out go back inside for another. Most will have a table and chairs outside just for you to sit and drink.

This picture is courtesy of Dennis in the Freedom Riders MC on a ride to Chuncheon.
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  1. In Pyeongtaek reasonably close to the station is a place called the beer garden which I thought was pretty decent as it has a view, wide selection of beers (I'm happy enough with the local stuff) and there was no pressure to buy food.

    It is really small though so bring your own fun (I.e friends) as you can't rely on just meeting new people there.